We Videotape Events

BOX5 Media is a team of inspiring and talented individuals, based in Louisville, Kentucky, with the experience, creativity and technological savvy to produce the highest quality video productions for events. We tell your story in the most innovative way that we can, grabbing the attention of your attendees and leaving an impression that will last a lifetime.

Right from the start, BOX5 has hit the center of the bull's-eye on what we are and who we are.
-Eric Sabach
Carolina Crown

Who We Want To Be

BOX5 Media, is the nations premier and most experienced event video company. We work with our partners to clearly bring forward their vision and deliver a multi-media product on time and on budget. Our team of gurus allow us to create a team for each of our partners; specially selected talents for specifically created partners.

Capturing an event is one thing, capturing the emotion and effort that goes into that event is where BOX5 is uniquely qualified.
-Chris Komonick
Executive Director
Madison Scouts